Our Facebook and Instagram Ads Management

Will help you attract new customers.

Facebook and Instagram ads management campaigns offer incredible customization to target a precise audience, likely to be interested in the products and services that you offer. Hot Rod Marketing is a leading Facebook ads management company, able to tap the marketing potential of Facebook to help brand your shop and generate sales leads.

We facilitate all steps for a Facebook and Instagram ads campaign, from strategy, creative development (ads and video), audience targeting, lead capture, and ongoing maintenance. We also can manage your Facebook ads campaign to allow for considerable flexibility. We can increase or decrease your monthly budget or pause and restart your campaign with short notice.

Facebook and Instagram Ads management allow for sales lead generation where a lead is produced directly on Facebook. This enables strong conversion rates with the lead being delivered to you in real-time. All sales leads will be automatically placed in our CRM and nurtured through marketing campaigns, as well as retargeted with future offerings that your shop may develop. Our Facebook and Instagram Management service includes Pixel installation and event setup for tracking.

Key benefits of Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Lead Generation

Target the perfect audience who will be receptive to your offerings. Once interested, a prospect can generate a sales lead directly on Facebook, which is then delivered to you in real time

Social Media Branding

Place your brand in front of a gigantic audience who will be receptive to your brand and the products you offer. Social media branding will also positively impact your SEO efforts.

Track & Retarget

Custom Audiences

Image and Video

How it Works


We generate custom Facebook Ads creative and content that will engage your audience. Multiple pieces will be produced, giving us the opportunity to see what performs the best. We can generate both interactive display ads and product/service videos, depending on your preference.


Based on your industry and business character, we will select target audiences for your campaign. Additional audiences can be generated from your existing Facebook followers and the traffic going to your website. Lookalike audiences can be constructed from other lists that are known to perform well.


Once the Facebook ads management campaign goes live, sales leads will be generated and delivered to you in real-time.


As your campaign progresses, we will be in constant pursuit of new audiences, audience refinement, and creative optimization to help maximize performance, lead quality, and your overall advertising ROI.

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